Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Golden Moments

We snuck away to the beach this past Sunday and Monday. Oh my goodness! What an amazing pause.
There have been many moments in my life I knew were magical - especially with hindsight. It is so vital to my Heart to recognize these Golden Moments. Golden Moments are not made. They can not be forced. They are like the silence between the noise. The way to capture them is to stand still and absorb whatever magic I am witnessing or experiencing with the awareness of the fact I am standing in the middle of a precious, fleeting moment. When I can do this, I transform the moment into the substance of expansive joy! It's like spinning straw to gold.

The biggest gift and often times the biggest challenge for me is to recognize them not from hindsight but in the moment they are happening! When I can do this I can actually feel the joy of the moment swirling and breathing around me. It is a moment that stops time. It can be euphoric, giddy and so trasient. Like chasing a rainbow that brings color to my heart.

Here are a few of pictures of our Golden Moments this weekend....

tucked deep inside my heart.