Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gratitude and Levity Wednesday!

First of all I want to express my gratitude and admiration to all who post to their blogs with consistency and predictability. You hold the "bar" high for me! I admire your dedication aaspire to have the same continuity. I thank you for your inspirations!

So here I go...since I missed my this week's and last week's Monday/Tuesday post on graditude.... I will make up for it now....

1. I am grateful for....

My amazing, incredible customers and for their support and enthusiasm in what I do! I am so grateful for their confidence and faith in my ability and for how they continue to encourage me to grow and become as an artist and as a successful small business owner. It's really hard for me to find words to express how much you all mean to me! Thank you so much!!!

2. I am grateful that my muse and I are getting along well these days!!!

3. I am Grateful for the brilliance of Ikea! And for the opportunity to get more organized...

4. I am so grateful that my Sweet Peas are still going strong and blessing me with their magical aroma!

And now for Levity....

My Dahlias are finally arriving~ my favorite flower! She symbolizes elegance and dignity. How wonderful is that! Check out Miss PomPom here ~ she just arrived yesterday and I can't stop patting her head!

(doesn't she have delicious form!)

Oh yes.... and then there is the Hula Hoop~ which I can proudly say ~ I'm not too shabby at. Hooping is defiantly an awesome way to jiggle me out of being too serious.

Feel the awesome power of reckless whimsy here! I just discovered Hula Hoops are good for keeping boys happy and entertained for a spell ;)

Happy Day to You!
~Be back soon

Monday, July 12, 2010

Gatitude Monday

So 2 out of 3 is a huge improvement for me with regards to blogging! I am so glad I came up with my new plan. And the truth is it's been fun, in the context of my themes, to think about what I want to share with you all!

Friday was a little bit too full to blog because I was getting ready for my dear friends to arrive. They came up from Sacramento Valley for a visit and to explore the amazing Yamhill Countryside. This weekend was the Oregon Lavender Festival. Talk about gratitude.... I could barely believe my eyes! It was a multi- sensational experience. Just standing in the presence of so much beauty was astounding. The intensity of purples against the farmland background and bright blue sky. The colors everywhere were so stark and sharp. The lavender fields were happily humming with industrious honey bees and every so often the breeze would blow and lavender imbued air would brush over our skin and fill our lungs up with its fragrant magic. Truly I felt I was in a story book and I was ready to stay forever.

Before we went I thought going from farm to farm would be much the same.....silly me! Each farm became a new adventure with different discoveries. They all had their unique stories and there was an contagious passion shared so many to become spontaneous Lavender Farmers. I've got it all worked out......
Lavender Fields here.... Hops for my husband there, my Dahlias and sweet peas will go there and oh yes!!! must have a flock of Merino sheep!

It was a day of so many blessings, Ecstatic Beauty and Treasured Friends.
And for this I am grateful

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Escape from the heat!

To be perfectly honest.... summer heat is really not my "thing". Give me a dramatic thunderstorm or rain for days and I am elated. Suffice it to say heat makes me a little, teensy, whiney , bit........ G*r*o*u*c*h*y (thank goodness I don't live anywhere hotter!) ( okay...I know I am a light weight!)........ So in search of Levity and relief from the heat, I did what any mother who wanted to to run for the hills would do....
I went to to the drug store. And this is what I found....

A Plastic pool,
3 awesome pelting balls
Bubble wands
and an electric Badminton Kit.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to homemade ice cream with local Raspberries and heath bar crunch! Yum!!! Maybe that will improve my demeanor