Monday, June 4, 2012

A Summer Wish

It is a busy time of year as schools wind down and people are getting ready for summer days.  There is a certain level of hustle and stress that comes along with this shift in the seasons. I was feeling the intensity of this bustle last week and was surprised when a poem I had not thought of for years, flashed into my mind. I was excited to share it with you and see if it maybe we can set the summer stage. 

Let's see what you think.... it is by Saskia Davis and it called....

The Symptoms of Inner Peace

A tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than from fear based on past experiences.

An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment.

A loss of interest in judging self.

A loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others. 

A loss of ability to worry. 

Frequent,  overwhelming episodes of appreciation. 

Contented feeling of connectedness with other and nature. 

Frequent attacks of smiling through the heart.

Increasing susceptibility to the love extended by others as well as the overwhelming urge to extend it. 

An increasing tendency to let things happen rather than to manipulate them to make them happen. 

Here is to Wholeness and Inner Peace!.... a couple cornerstones of the Joy I am seeking to create in my life.... What are the cornerstones you will create your summer with? Your everyday experience? 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


What I want in my life is to be willing to be dazzled.
To cast aside the weight of the facts,
and even to float a little above this difficult world.
I want to believe that the imperfections are nothing,
that the light is everything.
I want to believe I am looking into the white fire of a great mystery.
And I do.
- Mary Oliver

The pretty blue pot next to my living room window caught my eye the other day. I am smiling as I write this post because so far like clockwork my little fairy friends come and greet me every April with their pretty checked skirts. And I didn't even ask them to to! They remind me that everything is in perfect rhythm. That without being told what to do, they just know when it is time to grow. I've been learning to cultivate this kind of knowing in my own life lately. To relate to my body and own spirit with the same kind of spontaneity and knowing. I am moving deeper into trusting that my mind is here to serve this universal intelligence, not the other way around. I have spent so much of my life moving myself from here to there with my Will. And now I am learning to embrace another way. The more I still myself and drop down into the part of me that just "knows" how to become, the more interesting things get.

As I learn to get out of my own way, I grow deeper in love with being alive, beauty and all the possibilities that this amazing life experience has to offer.

Maybe someday I will get to have a fairy skirt like my checker lilly friends too! J

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another Art Yarn is Born

I had a play date with my Majacraft Aura yesterday and this is what we came up with.....
I call it Celebration Yarn! Sure felt like a party when I was making it!

What do you think this handspun want to be next?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Puppy Bling and Art Yarn Challenges!

I not a big football fan ~ but I was a very good sport yesterday while my boys watched the game. In the meantime I decided to entertain myself and decorate my puppy with some handspun bling!

Check her out! See how she is smiling ;)

Recently I was requested to create some Art Yarn from a very wonderful etsy customer of mine. The challenge was... "I would like the final product to look kind of like someone reached into a wild garden and picked up a handful of flowers and leaves and dirt and grass and birds and bugs and made a crazy skein of yarn out of it!"
I had so much fun playing with her idea and this is what I came up with...
I call it 700 Flowers!

And since it is Graditude Monday ~ I would like to say, I am so grateful to get to play with the qualities of playfulness and whimsy! To get to flirt with joy and the often unexpected delights that are born out of "just playing" and watching where that brings me.
I bet my puppy could teach me tons about this ;)

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All Tucked In

It's been a busy last two months... wonderful busy, but not so great for my blogging aspirations. So, as I get ready for Christmas and listen my favorite seasonal songs, I thought I would take a moment to check in.
I did manage to get my garden tucked in for the year. I hope my dahlia friends overwinter well. And believe or not it will be time to plant sweet peas again in another couple of months!

Yesterday was the shortest day of the year. Now the days will start to grow again, bit by bit. I love the yin and the yang of nature. How in the coldest months the days start to grow and visa versa. We have a long way to go, before the flowers will show is their happy faces.... and in the meantime we can tend the light within.

And now a quote from one of my favorite children's book called Frederick by Leo Lionni.....

"Close your eyes", said Frederick,
as he climbed on a big stone.
"Now I send you the rays of the sun.
Do you feel how their golden glow...."
And as Fredrick spoke of the sun
the four little mice began to feel warmer.
Was it Frederick's voice?
Was it magic?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Simple Pleasures!

I never knew it was possible to love "knobs" the way I looooooove these knobs.... what a sweet luxury to have these sweeties on the drawers of my dye cabinets. They feel so deliciously smooth and cool in my hand and the colors are so bubbly and yummy, they remind me of candy. Every time I open my drawer! ;)

I am really excited to share with you all that I am beginning my second round of Fiber Club.
The title is Auspicious Autumn. I am grounding myself and getting ready for a holiday season full of joy, love and delight! Thought I would set my intention with the title of this club!

Wishing you a colorful weekend!