Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All Tucked In

It's been a busy last two months... wonderful busy, but not so great for my blogging aspirations. So, as I get ready for Christmas and listen my favorite seasonal songs, I thought I would take a moment to check in.
I did manage to get my garden tucked in for the year. I hope my dahlia friends overwinter well. And believe or not it will be time to plant sweet peas again in another couple of months!

Yesterday was the shortest day of the year. Now the days will start to grow again, bit by bit. I love the yin and the yang of nature. How in the coldest months the days start to grow and visa versa. We have a long way to go, before the flowers will show is their happy faces.... and in the meantime we can tend the light within.

And now a quote from one of my favorite children's book called Frederick by Leo Lionni.....

"Close your eyes", said Frederick,
as he climbed on a big stone.
"Now I send you the rays of the sun.
Do you feel how their golden glow...."
And as Fredrick spoke of the sun
the four little mice began to feel warmer.
Was it Frederick's voice?
Was it magic?

1 comment:

Terry Busse said...

Love it. My roots are glowing with warmth and love - blooming in my feet.