Saturday, June 13, 2009

Home is Where the Dog is!

I thought today it would be fun to introduce you to my friend whose button namesake is Twlya.

First of all, you should know these are my Twlya  Buttons....

Light, airy, sweet and joyful! That what I think about when I see these buttons. My Twyla design is one of my most popular buttons..... which is absolutely appropriate because Twyla is one of my most special friends.

Here she is....see the resemblance?!

Twyla is my Angel Heart. She is my girl. Because I have three gorgeous boys and a wonderful husband it was my intention to level the testosterone field by adopting a female companion. Little did I know she would have more energy than all of my boys put together and she is four! Twyla is my Joy! My Whimsy Girl and the kindest, sweetest dog I have ever known. She is very sharp (I think it is the poodle in her) and very people oriented. She also loves to police our three cats and lets them know who is top dog and... she is extremely food motivated (A girl after my own heart J). She especially likes tomatoes when I am making salad.

She always hangs out in my studio with me when I am making clay creations.  She is actually sitting next to me as I type. So you can know that all of her light, sweet, joyful energy is surrounding me whenever I am creating your buttons. 

If Twyla had a bumper sticker it would say "Life is Fluffy!"

She also wanted me to include a picture of one of her personal favorites....
The Extra Large Twyla Button with Blue Violet Stain and Clear Glaze.

I hope you have a Fluffy Day!


Trish said...

She sure looks like she likes her picture taken.

Shelby said...

Not Really....these pictures are just a solid testimony to how food motivated she truly is! ☺

Terry Busse said...

She does look just like the Twila button!!
What a cute girl. I think you may need some more estrogen still. Don't you have 3 male cats too? Maybe you should get a monkey - a girl one of course. You could probably train her to help in the studio Just think how much the boys would like a monkey.
Haa ha hee hee haa hee hoo ho hee ha
Aahh... I better go before I get any sillier
Cheers to you my love

Mel said...

She is such a sweet dog - although I feel bad that she winds up all by her lonesome whenever we come over. I really want to see more of these pictures and buttons connections. What a cool idea.

Shelby said...

Keep in mind she is a 65lb fluff ball of enthusiasm! I worry about her overwhelming your little guy. That said....I'm willing to try if you are! ☺

Shelby said...

Terry thanks for your monkey suggestion. I'll keep that in mind. Actually I was thinking more in the line of a kangaroo. The pouch might come in handy and if I taught her to box she could help me with the energy level in the house!
Cheers to you my dear friend!!! And lots of love to you too.