Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pleasant surprises

When I first stared dying roving, I discovered fast, I was on a steep learning curve - especially with regards to Kettle dyeing. For me I liken it to standing on a balance board!....
#1. Start with a color in mind - okay, just for fun, hot fuchsia ( AKA- standing on the board).
#2. Apply imagined color (little lean to the right)
#3. Opps! way too much pink in the dye pot! Quick... (lean to the left for a hard correction!) Throw in some blue...
#4. How about a little green and a dash of brown. ( My legs are getting wobbly... wiggle, wiggle , balance, balance!) And TAH DAH! I get this....

Phew! What a work out! Not a total disaster but, not quite what I had envisioned. For me... Control over the process has been a gradual and hard earned achievement. And a blast to attain! :)

For the time being, I named my friend "My Many Colored Days" after the Dr.Seuss book and stashed her! Until recently when...

Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to go ahead a see what this roving would look like spun up.
And I got a lesson in pleasant surprises!

She is not anything like what I had intended... but thank goodness that 'intentional" part of me isn't always "driving the bus". I would miss out on a lot of adventures a long the way and getting a chance to discover that when it comes to creativity - It's in the process of wobbling that I come into balance.

Stayed tuned!!! I am working on my first Art Yarn ever! (It's a present for a very dear friend.... shhhhhh don't tell :)


Rebecca said...

goodness! it's all so beautiful! now i want to learn to spin darn it! and I just don't have time yet!

Shelby said...

"Yet" is the magic word here!
Before you know it.... you'll be spinning while your beauties are chasing each other in circles! That's where I am now... Somedays are better for spinning than others! HA! On the days I'm not's because I am spinning :)
It's so great to hear from you. Makes my heart smile! I hope you are so well!