Tuesday, April 6, 2010

G is for Garden

Last week we hauled over 4 yards of gorgeous, hot steamy soil to create a berm in our back yard and to rejuvenate our existing garden. I had a crisis of conscience when I encountered these amazing flowers at our local garden shop. Well....... truthfully I fell in love with them so deeply I decided I would go with the "better to beg for forgiveness, than to ask for permission" approach. I'm sticking by this explanation and thought you might enjoy seeing your fiber dollars in action! :)
I call it the circle of Joy! And I can't thank you all enough for enabling my flower obsession.

Wont it be amazing when I plant Zinnias, Dahlias and Black Eyed Susan's all around! I can't wait to give you an update and share this with you too!

Here is a perfect winter into spring quotation...by Hafiz, that always reminds me of the first part of early spring gardening.

"Awake, my dear,
Be kind to your sleeping Heart.
Take it out into the vast field of light.
And let it breathe!"


Anonymous said...

They look beautiful! And you even have sun in your garden!
- Wendy

Terry Busse said...

I love that quote. I might have to put it on a flag. :)

Shelby said...

Yes I saw the sun briefly! :)
And I think a blessing flag would be beautiful!
Can't wait to see!

Claire M. said...

That's Cool!