Thursday, July 8, 2010

Escape from the heat!

To be perfectly honest.... summer heat is really not my "thing". Give me a dramatic thunderstorm or rain for days and I am elated. Suffice it to say heat makes me a little, teensy, whiney , bit........ G*r*o*u*c*h*y (thank goodness I don't live anywhere hotter!) ( okay...I know I am a light weight!)........ So in search of Levity and relief from the heat, I did what any mother who wanted to to run for the hills would do....
I went to to the drug store. And this is what I found....

A Plastic pool,
3 awesome pelting balls
Bubble wands
and an electric Badminton Kit.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to homemade ice cream with local Raspberries and heath bar crunch! Yum!!! Maybe that will improve my demeanor


Monika said...

I feel the same way about heat! I like summer, sun, but everything higher than 25C makes me uncomfortable.
Homemade ice cream, that sounds yummy!

Shelby said...

I wish you could try some! I'll send you a picture ;)