Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gratitude and Levity Wednesday!

First of all I want to express my gratitude and admiration to all who post to their blogs with consistency and predictability. You hold the "bar" high for me! I admire your dedication aaspire to have the same continuity. I thank you for your inspirations!

So here I go...since I missed my this week's and last week's Monday/Tuesday post on graditude.... I will make up for it now....

1. I am grateful for....

My amazing, incredible customers and for their support and enthusiasm in what I do! I am so grateful for their confidence and faith in my ability and for how they continue to encourage me to grow and become as an artist and as a successful small business owner. It's really hard for me to find words to express how much you all mean to me! Thank you so much!!!

2. I am grateful that my muse and I are getting along well these days!!!

3. I am Grateful for the brilliance of Ikea! And for the opportunity to get more organized...

4. I am so grateful that my Sweet Peas are still going strong and blessing me with their magical aroma!

And now for Levity....

My Dahlias are finally arriving~ my favorite flower! She symbolizes elegance and dignity. How wonderful is that! Check out Miss PomPom here ~ she just arrived yesterday and I can't stop patting her head!

(doesn't she have delicious form!)

Oh yes.... and then there is the Hula Hoop~ which I can proudly say ~ I'm not too shabby at. Hooping is defiantly an awesome way to jiggle me out of being too serious.

Feel the awesome power of reckless whimsy here! I just discovered Hula Hoops are good for keeping boys happy and entertained for a spell ;)

Happy Day to You!
~Be back soon

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Stadtwaldvogel said...

Your Daliah is so pretty! I love it, too! Very likeable you love Ikea, too! I love the fiber club!